There is nothing to think about.
Everything is included!!

It is included!

We collect brand manuals, logos & fonts.

We collect your current Word proposals & read through them.

We collect & read your product sheets, brochures, etc.

We collect your signatures & vectorize them.

We collect, improve, and upload photos of the sales reps.

We enter all your office addresses.

We design fantastic proposal pages that follow your brand manual.

We improve the proposal content.

We implement as many proposal templates as you want.

We help you at any time to implement texts and other content.

We upload and review the quality of your photos.

We fix your illustrations & diagrams.

We improve your price & product tables.

We implement your client success stories as selectable pages & blocks.

We design new proposal pages when needed.

We check with your readers (i.e., customers) what they think about your proposal.

This is also included!

You have all your proposals in one place.

You can access the proposals via the Internet wherever you are

You can not destroy the color, shape, or layout of the proposal.

You do not have to worry about a proposal disappearing. Everything is saved and backed up.

You can quickly search & access anything.

You can easily copy an existing proposal.

You can quickly insert pages from other proposals.

You can collaborate with a colleague on the same proposal.

You will automatically receive your photo, signature, office address, etc., in a proposal you copy.

You only need to change the customer name in ONE place.

You can quickly create a great looking PDF proposal.

Even this!

We train all salespeople personally.

We review your texts as often as we can

We will help you write the proposal if you want

We train all new sales reps to become fantastic proposal producers.

We develop & improve Expandra web-app daily.

We help you at any time with anything.

Is something missing from the list? It is also included!